Any individual course may have its own rules which are in addition to, or replace, these general rules. The details will be in the Course Homepage and the Initial Handout for the course.

The dates for tests are announced in the Course Homepage and the Initial Handout for the course. These will not be changed (except in exceptional circumstances) without the approval of the class.

It is not normal for there to be additional tests provided for students who miss a test. See the special consideration section for more information on what to do if you suffer illness or misadventure.

All tests are held under UNSW exam conditions and are subject to the same rules

In addition, for Mathematics tests:

  • Student cards must be available for inspection.
  • The student will answer the test on white single-sheet A4 paper that has not been torn from a book.
  • The student will staple their answer sheets to the cover page (if any).
  • The student will write their name and student number (and any other details required on the cover sheet) on their work during the test time and not after the end of the test.
  • At the end of the test, all writing shall cease.

Tests will be marked, with comments where appropriate, and returned to the student (or made available for collection) in a timely manner.

Note: If a student has a Mathematics test scheduled in a standard Maths tutorial or lecture time for the course, then that test takes precedence over any test or exam scheduled by any other School for the same time (provided this is not a standard time for that other course). The School of Mathematics and Statistics will not make any alternative arrangements for a student so affected since it is the other School's responsibility to make alternative arrangements when tests or exams are held in non-standard times. This commonly occurs with Commerce courses in their mid-semester test week. If the student has a genuine lecture or tutorial clash at the time, then the School may consider making alternative arrangements.