The School of Mathematics and Statistics reserves the right to monitor all use of its computer systems, and to share the monitoring results with the relevant law enforcement authorities.

The University's Code of Conduct also applies.

The computing facilities provided by the School of Mathematics and Statistics must only be used for doing tasks and assignments related to the mathematics subject(s) for which your computing account has been created.

Misuse of computers is a serious offence and will be treated as a case of academic misconduct. This includes damage to or theft of any part of the equipment, however small.

A breach of security will be treated as a case of serious academic misconduct. Breach of security includes, but is not limited to:

  • deliberately providing a password to another person (student or otherwise);
  • attempting to gain unauthorised access to files within the system ("hacking");
  • deliberately introducing computer viruses;
  • copying of assignments (by email or any other means).

Email facilities are provided by the University so that you can communicate with lecturers and tutors. 

All use of email is monitored, and action will be taken against anyone who uses it to send obscene, sexist or racist messages to other users or to engage in academic misconduct. For further details, see the University's Code of Conduct.

Internet and other electronic communication services are provided to allow you to access our computers from other parts of the campus and from home, and to transfer assignments which have been completed on other computers. These services are NOT provided so that you can access other computers to play games or indulge in other activities not related to university studies. All electronic communications using the School's facilities are monitored to ensure that these facilities are being used in a responsible manner.

At the beginning of the semester, an account is made for you on the computer. This gives you, among other things, enough disk space to allow you to do your allocated tasks and assignments. The system administrator may remove any files which are not associated with university work.

These restrictions are imposed because computing time and memory are limited and there are real costs involved in providing off-campus access. There are thousands of other users of the system, therefore you are expected to be considerate to other users and this is the "bottom line" when it comes to acceptable behaviour. If you have any doubts about whether an action is acceptable, don't do it.