• Read the course descriptions on this website and see which ones appeal. Some courses may be compulsory for your program - so familiarise yourself with the details of your program as well. For advice on which courses to take, talk to the coordinator of your program or the Postgraduate Director.

  • You are able to enrol yourself through MyUNSW. If you are having any enrolment issues please contact Teaching Support Officer, Room RC-3088) for help.

    Students enrolled in coursework graduate degrees should always consult with the relevant member of academic staff before attempting to change the courses in which they are enrolled.

    The first point of contact for academic advice is the Postgraduate Director (Coursework). Once it has been agreed that the proposed changes are in the student's best interests, the student should contact Teaching Support to implement the changes if the changes need to be made after week 1.

  • All courses are centrally timetabled in advance and you see the timetable in MyUNSW class timetable.

  • Visit the School's Research page and have a look at the webpages of each research group. Also look at the Research Gateway profiles of academic staff, and their personal webpage if they have one. (The easiest way to find someone's personal webpage is to Google their name.) If you find a staff member with interests that appeal to you, you can contact that staff member directly. Talk to (or email) several potential supervisors to discuss potential projects, then choose the one you like best. If you need some more help or advice, contact the Postgraduate Director.

  • The first person you should contact if you need academic advice is the Postgraduate Director.

    If you are undertaking a Masters or Graduate Cert or Diploma, your program coordinator is the Postgraduate Director,  Dr Jakub Stoklosa.

    If your program has a project component, then your supervisor is another good source of advice, and lecturers of particular courses can advise you about those courses. You could also talk to the Head of the Department.

  • Unfortunately the School of Mathematics and Statistics does not offer scholarships for postgraduate coursework students. However, prospective students may be eligible for other UNSW scholarships

  • Please see Grievances.