Students working on experiments in the Chemical Science building UNSW.

Study the world from the ground up - from the sub-atomic, atomic and molecular to the spectacular.

Chemistry is a central science - a key part of your scientific toolbox. If you have an enquiring, analytical mind and good powers of observation, then chemistry is the perfect discipline for you. Our chemistry graduates are sought after in areas of research and development, management, law, manufacturing and processing, finance and for chemical analysis laboratory positions.

Study chemistry at one of Australia's top universities 

We're ranked 1st in Australia for research output in chemistry.The School of Chemistry is a leading centre for both teaching and research excellence in Australia – developing cutting-edge knowledge to solve real-world problems. Your learning will be spread across tutorials, lectures, online content and hands-on experiments in our teaching labs. The Students of Chemistry Society (SOCS) organise many social events open to undergraduate and postgraduate students, staff and anyone on campus with an interest in chemistry, medicinal chemistry or nanotechnology. SOCS is supported by ARC, the UNSW student organisation.

Gain hands-on research experience

Chemistry is all about discovering new ways of looking at the world and exploring new techniques to make it better. We'll provide you with opportunities to get involved in research so you can gain the skills and experience needed to make your own meaningful discoveries.

UNSW's School of Chemistry has a range of research groups and centres with interests spanning the full spectrum of chemistry and chemistry-related interdisciplinary fields. You'll have access to these groups and centres to learn about how research works, the next big discoveries and what a scientific career can look like. 

As an undergraduate student, you can take CHEM2999 or CHEM3998 and work with a supervisor at UNSW. These courses give you the opportunity to explore new ideas and develop your skills as an independent thinker in the lab. You can also get a head start on your career whilst living abroad in the summer holidays through our range of overseas research and work internship opportunities. 

  • Science Research Internship 
    Our SCIF2041 and SCIF3041 research internship courses involve a short theoretical or experimental research project supervised by an academic staff member.
  • UNSW Science Summer Vacation Research Scholarships
    For six weeks over the summer holidays, UNSW Science offers research scholarships to talented undergraduates.
  • Taiwan Research Internship
    This internship gives you valuable overseas work experience over summer, under the New Columbo Plan Mobility to Taiwan.

Career opportunities for chemistry graduates

A degree in chemistry will open doors for you in the local and international job market. Chemists do not necessarily work in labs - your skills will be highly transferable and will suit many industries from finance to politics, food manufacturing to smart packaging, and everything in between. It's possible (and advisable) to use your personal interests as a basis for your choice of career. You could pursue a career as a research chemist, environmental consultant or laboratory technician. 

Our programs

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