Animation, visual effects & moving image

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What is animation, visual effects & moving image?

Animation, Visual Effects & Moving Image provides a strong foundation in contemporary creative media production, including:

  • animation
  • visual effects
  • moving image
  • sound
  • 3D visualisation
  • emerging media technologies

By combining practical skills in these areas, you’ll develop a range of technical and conceptual practices that will help you to explore your individual interests, ideas and stories. 

You’ll learn how to adapt and apply technical skills to develop a sustainable practice as a creative professional. By working with the latest ideas, technologies and production methods, you’ll learn to communicate complex ideas to diverse audiences and work across various media contexts. 

Taught in studio-based environments, this specialisation focuses on completing practical, creative projects. Theory, professional practice and electives complement these skills to develop innovation, critical thinking and contextual awareness.

Learn more about our Animation, Visual Effects & Moving Image studios: 

Starting with the basic elements of animated movement, you’ll incorporate real world physics into your own animated sequences and motion graphics in our animation studio. Experiment with 3D animation and eventually create a full short animation production from concept, pre-production and storyboard to completion. 

Visual Effects (VFX)
Explore different visual effects techniques and concepts as you develop your own creative works. Create computer generated elements (CGI), integrate them with live action footage and understand how to sequence engaging content in the VFX studio.

Moving Image 
In our moving image studio, you'll explore contemporary approaches to video art, short film and audio-visual composition. Challenge norms to create visionary works in video art, installations and experimental filmmaking for screenings, galleries and beyond.  

Get hands on in our industry standard sound studios and acoustic environments to create media artworks using sound-based techniques and processes. Develop skills and knowledge to create sound-based media art projects for art galleries, and virtual and public spaces.

3D Visualisation 
Delve into virtual worlds in our 3D studio and explore how virtual environments are created. Through hands-on experience, use key technologies such as 3D modelling, texturing and real time immersive platforms. You'll develop the practices and skills required to join a growing digital industry.

Why study animation, visual effects & moving image at UNSW?

Tap into the expertise of media artists, producers and theorists who are active and accomplished in the industry. Our academic community has broad connections with Australia's leading research labs in creative robotics, interactive and immersive cinema and 3D visualisation.

Studying animation, VFX & moving image in the Bachelor of Fine Arts allows you to expand your creative practice by exploring your ideas through different formats, mediums and techniques. Focus on this study area or take advantage of opportunities to experience other disciplines to help inform your practice and shape your own unique artistic abilities.

In the Master of Animation and Visual Effects, you’ll have the opportunity to evolve your creative vision and develop a portfolio of in-demand skills. From developing a deeper understanding of screen aesthetics to readying you to translate animation and new visualisation techniques to professional workflows, you’ll be prepared to thrive as a professional in the creative production space and beyond. 

At UNSW Art & Design, you'll join a supportive, interdisciplinary and peer-oriented community of art and design practitioners that will expose you to the latest industry trends, technologies and connections in the creative and visual arts. You won’t just learn the principles of animation; you’ll build your own creative community.  

Careers in animation, visual effects & moving image

Our graduates are highly sought after around the world in the digital media, communications, film, entertainment and other creative industries. The animation, visual effects & moving image specialisation is purposefully designed to meet industry demand for content developers and creative practitioners. Beyond developing your portfolio and showreel of work, you’ll graduate with work experience and intensive skills training in the latest technologies. 

As the industry continues to evolve, you’ll graduate as a well-rounded artist and professional. While you’ll thrive in the creative media and animation industry, you’ll also be able to bring your creativity to new industries across business, health and more. 

Careers in animation & moving image

  • Animator  
  • 3D artist 
  • 3D modeller 
  • Texture artist 
  • Creature effects artist 
  • Concept artist 
  • Visual effects artist 
  • Visual effects producer  
  • Production coordinator 
  • Pre-visualisation artist 
  • Layout artist 
  • Compositor / Compositing artist 
  • 3D generalist 
  • Digital publishing  
  • Digital communications specialist 
  • Art director 
  • Advertising director 
  • Film producer 
  • Game designer
  • Television producer 
  • Post-production designer 
  • Media strategist 
  • Sound designer 
  • Cinematographer