Starrie Shi

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) (Finance)

Starrie Shi chose to do an undergraduate degree with UNSW Business School because of its strong global reputation.

“I do think the ranking represents the academic excellence and research excellence of the university,” she said.

As a Bachelor of Commerce student, Starrie took advantage of many extra-curricular activities, however she found the suite of opportunities offered by Career Accelerator most rewarding.

Through Career Accelerator’s Career Mentoring Program, Starrie gained access to a UNSW Finance Alumni, to help achieve her individual goals.

She learnt more about the industry she wanted to enter, and the soft skills needed to succeed in her career.

Starrie’s mentor advised her to get real-world experience during her degree. With her mentor’s assistance, Starrie sent resumes to suitable employers and gained part-time employment.

While working, Starrie practiced her communication skills, and learnt about the local culture and the Australian way of life.

“Employers really look at what did you do during your uni, and then what soft skills that you gained from your employment experience or even internships.”

After her mentoring, Starrie participated in Career Accelerator’s Industry Experience Program COMM2222. In this program, she completed a marketing internship at the Sydney Opera House.

Starrie described her internship as an excellent experience where she learnt about workplace culture, time management skills and how to work in a professional environment.

“All the workplace culture, all the skills that I learnt from the Opera House, I benefited so much from it.”

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