Andrew Ngai

Andrew Ngai

Alumni career story

Director at Taylor Fry Consulting

BSc, Mathematics and Statistics & BCom, Actuarial Studies with Honours Class 1 and The University Medal, 2009

A bit about me:  

I am an actuary with 13 years’ experience in Australia and the UK advising numerous injury schemes, general insurers, and government clients in the health and social sectors. I specialise in using advanced analytics to help my clients make better policy, pricing, and operational decisions.

I’ve also had the privilege of being the Microsoft Excel World Champion in 2021 and 2022, and the Financial Modelling World Champion in 2019.

Quick-fire Q&A:

Do you have a favourite quote or mantra?

I believe it is important to find your purpose in life, and to live in a way that reflects that.

Why is science important?

Science is the foundation of evidence-based decision making, which is vital for society. As an actuary, I play a key role in translating data into insights for my clients so that they can make well-informed decisions that are evidence-based. This includes both making the most out of the data we have, as well as understanding what we don’t know due to data limitations or uncertainty in the future.

How did your time at UNSW help shape who you are today?

My time at UNSW helped guide me towards a career that is both enjoyable and puts my skills to good use. My degree also provided me with a strong foundation of knowledge which helped me excel in my day-to-day work and to obtain my professional qualification.

What do you enjoy most about working in your profession? 

The work is interesting and meaningful and makes good use of my ability with numbers.

How is your career /area of expertise solving real-world challenges, fostering innovation, or improving societal well-being?

I have often provided advice to government departments in the social sector, for example using statistics and machine learning techniques to help them understand how different people use different types of government support. This in turn helps them determine better policies and ensure they have sufficient capacity to provide these services, which helps us to better look after vulnerable people in our society.

What was your most memorable experience from your time at UNSW?

My time volunteering in student societies. Although it made my life quite busy at times, I am glad that I was able to help others during my time in those roles.

What advice would you give a student approaching the end of their degree?

Make the most of your time at university, enjoy your time with fellow students, being part of student societies, etc. university is a life stage that you probably won’t return to ever again.