National Science Week 2023

12-20 August 2023

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A message from the Dean

“From life saving medical breakthroughs, to sustainable energy solutions, Science has an incredible impact. At UNSW Science, we’re not only focusing on discovery, we also create everyday solutions that transform our society.”

- Scientia Professor Sven Rogge, Dean of UNSW Science

What's on?

Impact of Science

On Demand

Jeremy O'Brien: The Quantum Revolution

Quantum computing is finally moving from a scientific curiosity to a technical reality, promising to solve previously unsolvable problems.

UNSW Science was proud to host Professor Jeremy O’Brien as he delivered the 2023 Gerald Westheimer Lecture at UNSW Sydney.  

AI and the Future of Health

It's no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the way our world works, and its biggest impact will arguably be in health.

AI is reinventing – and reinvigorating – modern healthcare through machines that can predict, comprehend, learn, and act, as well as helping close the gap on a number of the inequities and pressures within the health system.

Hosted by ABC’s Tegan Taylor, hear from an expert panel on how AI is being used to simplify data for better patient, provider and industry outcomes, and the challenges the industry faces around data privacy and cyber security.

Research to Reality

As part of National Science Week 2023, UNSW Science Society have interviewed researchers from across UNSW Science to find out what translational research means to them.  

A/Prof. Shane Keating

While our oceans cover more than 70% of the surface of our planet, due to the huge scale of movement, it can be difficult to represent in numerical models. Associate professor Shane Keating, from the School of Mathematics and Statistics, uses powerful tools to better measure, model and understand our ocean and planet. 

Miss Octavia Soegyono

How and why do we make decisions, if we know they are bad for us? Miss Octavia Soegyono, from the UNSW School of Psychology is investigating predictive learning processes and how these processes regulate our behaviors and decisions. 

Dr Sara Tahery

Dr. Sara Tahery, from the School of Materials Science and Engineering, focuses on the characterisation of organo-mineral materials produced from waste biomass, using novel analytical techniques, for sustainable environmental and agronomic applications. Dr Tahery's research is investigating how we can convert waste biomass into valuable materials, such as biochar.

About UNSW Science Society

The UNSW Science Society [SCISOC] is the constituent society for the Science Faculty at UNSW and we aim to connect fellow science students and provide information on future pathways, through our events and materials.

At the forefront of the society is our Productions portfolio, who manage all digital content for SCISOC including photography and videography. The team is overseen by our Vice-President Eddy, and 3 directors - Akshanth, Angelica and Sidney who lead 6 aspiring subcommittee members. Our projects range from short-form entertainment for social media platforms to longer, cinematic promotional materials for our society’s flagship events.

The Productions team has been granted the opportunity to collaborate with the UNSW Faculty of Science on this series of videos for the National Science Week 2023. The project has given our team an invaluable experience, extending our skills in curating interviews while allowing us to venture into content with an academic focus.