Ramsey theory asks questions of the form 'can we find some order in enough disorder'. In the geometric setting, a very attractive theory emerges, called 'Euclidean' Ramsey theory. We will survey this area, giving classical background as well as some recent developments.

About the speaker:

Imre Leader is a professor at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Trinity College working in the field of Combinatorics.

He is also a celebrated mathematics communicator, whose talks focus on discovering the mathematical complexity that can underlie apparent simplicity. 

In 1999, Imre was awarded the Junior Whitehead Prize for his contributions to Combinatorics. His research focuses on isoperimetric inequalities, extremal combinatorics, and Ramsey theory.

Imre is also known for his involvement with the International Mathematics Olympiad, and for his success as a champion Othello player.

Related event

Professor Imre Leader will also be presenting a public lecture, Think of a Number, in Colombo Theatre C at UNSW on Wednesday 26 July.


Imre Leader 

Research Area



Cambridge University, UK


Thursday 27 July 2023, 2:00pm-3:00pm


Anita B. Lawrence Centre East (formerly Red Centre) Room 3085