New Plagiarism Policy

The Student Conduct policy (incorporating the Student Code of Conduct) and the Student Academic Misconduct Procedures outline what the University's expectations of students are and how misconduct is investigated.

For courses convened by the School of Mathematics and Statistics no assistance using generative AI software is allowed unless specifically referred to in the individual assessment tasks. If its use is detected in the no assistance case, it will be regarded as serious academic misconduct and subject to the standard penalties, which may include 00FL, suspension and exclusion.

Other Misconduct Policy

The University's Learning Centre has guidelines on what does, and what doesn't, constitute plagiarism. 

Please also see guidelines on:

These rules are followed by the School of Mathematics and Statistics, and in addition the School has its own rules for the use of computers.

In recent times, various students in the School of Mathematics and Statistics have been found guilty of Academic Misconduct and have had the following penalties imposed. These could be viewed as typical penalties.

  • Cheating on a test - zero for the test
  • Copying another student's assignment with their permission - zero for both students for the assignment
  • Falsifying a mark on a marked test - zero for the test
  • Major essay plagiarised from the web - zero for the whole course
  • Forging a marked test - zero for the whole course
  • Substituting at an exam for another student - both students excluded from the University.