If you’re still unsure about which major you want to select, these sample course selections will open doors to multiple majors across your broad area of interest. Ultimately, helping you decide which major is right for you when it comes to selection time.

Understanding our major offering

We’ve divided the UNSW Science and Business majors under broad fields of interest in the diagram below to help you understand the relationship between them. By selecting courses in your first year of study related to majors that cross over into multiple fields of interest, you’ll gain greater exposure to a wider range of major options to help you choose the one that’s right for you.

Want an extra challenge?

Some UNSW Science courses offer “higher” versions for students who want an extra challenge. These courses are not more highly weighted, nor do they give you any extra bonus points - they’re simply offered to provide an extra challenge for students who excel in a particular subject level.

Still have questions?

Remember that the course combination you enrol into today is not set in stone – you can discuss your enrolment with The Nucleus: Student Hub and fine-tune your enrolment before term starts.