Explore your postgraduate study options with our enrolment guides. UNSW Science offers Master, Graduate diplomas and Graduate certificates in a wide range of subject areas and specialisations.

Aviation (Flying & Management)

Whether you want a career as a pilot or in Aviation management, we have postgraduate programs to take you there. Explore our postgraduate options for flying, advanced flying, Aviation management, and research.

Marine Science & Management

Discover new approaches to Marine Science with the Master of Marine Science and Management. Developed with three other Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS) partner universities, it gives you comprehensive methods unique to the field.

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Materials Science & Engineering

Expand your knowledge of Materials Science and Engineering with our postgraduate coursework and research programs. With options such as the Master of Materials Technology or the Doctor of Philosophy, you will sharpen your analytical skills.

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Mathematics & Statistics, Data Science

If you’d like to extend yourself in Maths, Science or Data Science, there are a plethora of postgraduate programs to choose from. Explore postgraduate coursework programs and courses with the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

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Master of Psychology (Clinical)

This program is for psychologists who are pursuing work as clinicians in settings such as hospitals and community health. The Master of Psychology (Clinical) provides training in the diagnosis, assessment and treatments of people with psychological problems or disabilities.
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Master of Psychology (Forensic)

This program provides graduate training for psychologists who intend to pursue legally associated employment, such as police, courts, prisons and child protection. Graduates are trained in advanced assessment and counselling of people with psychological disorders.
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Physics for Science Teachers

The Graduate Certificate in Physics for Science Teachers will prepare you to teach physics with flair, understand the core concepts and know how to make it exciting and relevant to your students.
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