The purpose of this study was to identify the emerging considerations for government in designing and delivering hybrid (delivered both face to face and virtual) services and hybrid place-based initiatives (PBIs). The study was a collaborative process with ANZSOG and NSW DPC.

The research used three key methods to address the research objectives, delivered sequentially with each method informing the next:

-          A rapid evidence review to identify what was already known in the literature

-          An online Delphi exercise to integrate the knowledge and opinions of different experts to better understand an issue and help improve policy and practice

-          Deliberative panels to reflect on the insights gained from the Delphi and distil key insights for governments.

The study provides insights for government in how to progress with evidence-based development of hybrid services and hybrid PBIs.

Research Centre

Social Policy Research Centre

Research Area

Policy Design, Impact and Evaulation


Commissioned and funded by ANZSOG 
Co-sponsored by the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet (NSW DPC)