Fluid dynamics, oceanic and atmospheric sciences


The focus of the research carried out by the Fluid Dynamics, Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences research group is on the highly coupled components of the climate system; including the atmosphere, the oceans (both coastal and large-scale), the cryosphere, and the land-surface. The group also has expertise in the ocean carbon cycle and ocean ecosystems modelling.

Research interests

  • Boundary currents
  • Continental shelf processes
  • Meso scale eddies
  • Bio-physical Interactions
  • Biological connectivity
  • Ocean modelling
  • Large-scale ocean dynamics
  • Ocean carbon cycle
  • Ocean ecosystems modelling
  • Atmospheric modelling
  • Numerical weather prediction
  • Climate change and predictability
  • Tropical cyclones and severe weather
  • Statistical modelling of climate extremes
  • Regional and coastal oceanography
  • Air-sea interactions and ocean waves
  • Turbulence and turbulent diffusion
  • Transport in geophysical fluids
  • Tracer oceanography
  • Ocean biogeochemical cycles
  • Stratosphere-troposphere exchange

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