There are many topics from school mathematics which we do not teach in first year classes, but which we assume that you know.

If you are not skilled in these topics you will experience a great deal of frustration and difficulty in progressing through first year. You will also lose a lot of marks - it is not unusual for half the marks lost in a first year class test or exam to be due to the student's lack of proficiency in school mathematics.

The worksheets on this page are designed to help students learn topics which they may not be coping with. The intention is that if you find yourself making mistakes (in tests, exercises etc.) in a certain topic from your school work, you can find a useful worksheet here to guide you through revision of the topic. Please read the text and examples, and then do the exercises which follow. Check with the answers provided. If you get a question wrong you should go through your work carefully, locate the mistake and fix it. If there is a mistake which you cannot find, or a question which you cannot even start, please consult your tutor or the Mathematics Drop-in-Centre.

If you have any comments on the worksheets, or if you would like to see a worksheet on a topic we have not covered, please contact David Angell

Revision worksheets