View our enrolment guides to better understand your preferred degree. Explore the areas of Science that interest you most and get tips on how to choose the best courses for your degree. You can also view the requirements for majors available in our Science programs and combine this with the program rules in the UNSW Handbook to help structure your degree.

Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) enrolment guide

Structure your Advanced Science degree as a single or double degree.

Bachelor of Aviation enrolment guide

Train as a pilot to the highest commercials standards or pursue a career in flight operations. The choice is yours.

Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours) enrolment guide

Build on your foundational Science skills, culminating in a final honours year in Biotechnology.

Bachelor of Data Science & Decisions enrolment guide

Be at the leading edge of industry and government to meet the growing demand for data scientists and analysts.

Bachelor of Environmental Management enrolment guide

Find answers to a sustainable existence and gain the skills and knowledge to become an environmental scientist.

Bachelor of Life Sciences enrolment guide

Explore this fascinating field of Science as you study Biological, Environmental and Medical sciences.

Materials Science & Engineering enrolment guide

Advance your career in Science and Engineering by studying at a leading MSE school.

Bachelor of Medical Science enrolment guide

Establish your career in Biomedical research and gain a deep understanding of the human body.

Bachelor of Medicinal Chemistry (Honours) enrolment guide

Explore this interdisciplinary program, developing pharmaceutical agents from concept to clinic.

Bachelor of Advanced Mathematics (Honours) enrolment guide

Designed for students who want to specialise in Mathematics and seek careers in Finance, Environmental modelling and research.

Bachelor of Science & Business enrolment guide

Combine contemporary science study with Business and Management skills.

Bachelor of Science (International) enrolment guide

Study overseas at one of our partner universities as part of your international degree.

Bachelor of Psychological Science enrolment guide

Combine your passion for Psychology with other interest areas across the university.

Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) enrolment guide

Examine the depths of the human mind and how we perceive our place in the world.

Bachelor of Science enrolment guide

Study a wide range of options in Science and beyond to help you decide on your areas of interest.

Science (Honours) enrolment guide

Your specialist honours area will consist of research, coursework or a combination of the two.