The Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) 3962 at UNSW offers the most advanced facilities and innovative teaching, allowing you to develop a working knowledge in areas of scientific investigation to place you at the forefront of research and discovery. Explore the enrolment guide to better understand your degree and how you can tailor it to your needs.

Your degree requirements

You can choose to structure your Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) study as either a single degree or a double degree.

The full list of courses required for this degree can be viewed in the UNSW Handbook.

All rules are outlined in the Handbook and we encourage you to use this in conjunction with the Progression Plans to ensure you are selecting courses that count towards your degree.

TIP: When using the Handbook or the Progression Plans, always select the year you commenced studying Science at UNSW and follow those rules throughout your degree.

Enrolling in your flexible first year

Our flexible advanced science degree allows you to declare or change your major in Stage two of study, so you can sample several different courses before making a decision. If you’re enrolling and still unsure of your major, follow these steps:   

1. Look at the list of majors available in your degree.
2. Eliminate the majors you’re definitely not interested in.
3. Choose first-year courses common to the majors that interest you. That way, you’ll be keeping your options open.   

Still have questions?

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