The Bachelor of Science (International) at UNSW offers you the opportunity to spend up to one year studying at one of our university’s overseas partner institutions in a four-year international degree.

Your degree requirements

The degree program is designed for students wishing to obtain a strong and highly regarded science degree coupled with specific emphasis on cross-cultural skills, knowledge and understanding. Your study will provide you with the essential skill set for understanding and working in a rapidly changing global environment. The Bachelor of Science (International) provides a wide range of career opportunities in global scientific organisations and companies, international government and non-government agencies and scientific research.

The full list of courses required for this degree can be viewed in the UNSW Handbook.

All rules are outlined in the Handbook and we encourage you to use this in conjunction with the Progression Plans to ensure you are selecting courses that count towards your degree.

TIP: When using the Handbook or the Progression Plans, always select the year you commenced studying Science at UNSW and follow those rules throughout your degree.

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