Master of Financial Analysis

About Master of Financial Analysis at UNSW 

UNSW Master of Financial Analysis is a one year, full–time degree from UNSW Business School, which currently ranks within the top 20 worldwide for Accounting and Finance. This highly flexible degree can be tailored to meet specific career goals in financial services.

This postgraduate degree is ideal for finance professionals who want to develop highly sought-after skills for almost any financial planning career including business analysis, investment management, and corporate finance. You’ll develop your existing skills in financial analysis depending on your choice of subjects from a large range of topics – these include strategy skills, risk analysis and management, valuation, and project development/management.

Your Specialisation

Tailor your specialisation to meet your unique career goals and professional development needs with this highly flexible degree. You can choose to take a blend of accounting and finance electives, bringing them together with a capstone subject in the final term of your degree.

There are more than 15 accounting electives to choose from, including business risk management, financial accounting, reporting for climate change and sustainability, and strategic management accounting.

You can also choose from over 20 finance electives, including financial markets and institutions, capital budgeting and financial decisions, socially responsible investing, cryptocurrency and decentralised finance. There are more than 20 subjects to choose from.

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You can expect to gain exceptional skills in decision-making and further your industry knowledge. As this degree is highly specialised to your needs, the skills and accreditation you gain will largely depend on the topics you choose to study. For example, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) has approved some courses for complying with the RG146 Tier 1 requirements.

You’ll be ready to advance your career in the finance industry and meet your professional goals with specialised and industry relevant skills.

UNSW Business School students have exclusive access to professional development opportunities through our Career Accelerator portfolio, which includes:

As one of the Asia-Pacific’s leading business schools, we have more than 90,000 alumni worldwide who could be connected to your future career. Also, UNSW proudly supports startups, with more founders than any other Australian university and 300+ student clubs to find co-founders (and friends).

Relevant Roles

The UNSW Master of Financial Analysis prepares you for the following roles:

  • Banking Professional
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Corporate Treasurer
  • Financial Advisor
  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Broker
  • Fund Manager
  • International Financier
  • Investment Banker

What Our Graduates Say 

“My masters certainly advanced my career. I’ve moved into broader financial roles, and it’s opened many doors into a diverse range of finance and accounting roles.”

Frances Summerhayes
Master of Financial Analysis

Read more about Frances’ experience of the Master of Financial Analysis