We're all in this together. While in the Esme Timbery Creative Practice Lab (The Esme), Building D8, we ask you to follow these rules to help us care for each other. 

These rules are designed for classes in The Esme and are in addition to the UNSW Safe Return to Campus – COVID-19 health and safety compliance agreement regulations. We will all be learning together how to best manage safety and so these rules may be fine-tuned and extended as a result of that teamwork. 

If you are feeling unwell, please do not come on to campus. 

If you have any questions or concerns please talk to your lecturer, or contact us at cpl@unsw.edu.au

  • If you are not a student or staff member it is important you watch this brief video on health and safety at UNSW

    • If you are feeling unwell, do not come on to campus. 
    • Upon arrival at the Esme, register that you are in the building using the QR code or unsw.to/esme-rego
    • Where possible, maintain 1.5 metres distance from other people.  
    • Walk to the left-hand side of staircases and corridors.  
    • Sit in designated chairs in classes. Do not sit on chairs or benches marked as not-for-use.  
    • Where one class follows another, the first class will end 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time so students can vacate before the next class enters. The second class may need to begin 15 minutes late if cleaning is required between classes.  
    • If you have tested positive to Covid-19, notify UNSW using this online form
    • When not possible to maintain 1.5 metres distance from other people, wear a mask.  
    • Please supply your own mask – these should be available to purchase at stores on campus if you forgot one. 
  • Please use this path of travel when entering and exiting the building for classes. This will help us maintain physical distancing. 

    1. Enter the Esme via the main entrance opposite UNSW Terraces.  
    2. Upon arrival, register that you are in the building using the QR code or unsw.to/esme-rego
    3. If you have a class in Io Myers Studio take the stairs to the right that lead to that studio.  
    4. If you have a class in Studio One take the stairs to the left that lead to that studio.  
    5. Always keep to the far left on stairways giving yourself space from people walking the opposite direction. 
    6. Enter each studio from the door off the main corridor.  
    1. Exit each studio via the door leading to their respective foyer.  
    2. Exit the Esme via the doors leading to the student study spaces in the Science and Engineering Building (SEB). Not the way you entered.  
    3. Take the stairs, or lift if required, to the ground level.  

    Note: If you exit the room for a bathroom break or otherwise; exit via the foyer door, re-sanitise your hands, and re-enter via the corridor door. 

    • Crosses on the studio floors indicate a safe physical distance. Stand or sit on these crosses when working on the floor.  
    • When performing for an audience, maintain 3 metres distance from spectators. 
    • If you choose not to wear protection (such as a mask or face shield), you will be asked to observe rather than be involved in some exercises. 
    • We will do activities outside where possible in spaces such as the podium, steps and forecourt next to The Esme. 
    • Props, costumes, and technology such as microphones are not to be shared. If there is a need to share these, they must be cleaned between each user.  
    • Two students will assist CPL staff to mop the floor at the start of every class where you will be working on the floor.