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Discover a world of opportunity with a career in media

Contemporary media is dynamic, global, increasingly complex and always influential in our daily lives. By studying media and communications at UNSW, you'll investigate the professional, social, cultural, political, economic and philosophical aspects that contemporary media technologies, industries and practices have on our everyday lives. Led by academics actively engaged in media industries, media and communications at UNSW opens up a world of opportunities to help you pursue your media career.

There are a variety of avenues to study media and communications at UNSW to ensure your degree is tailored to your specific interests. You can choose to study a Bachelor of Media with specialisations in public relations and advertising, communication and journalism, or screen and sound production. Alternatively, you can take the media, culture and technology major in the Bachelor of Arts. We also offer a Master of Public Relations and Advertising and a Master of Journalism and Communication.

Develop career-ready skills & experience

By studying media and communications, you'll develop practical vocational skills as well as conceptual, strategic, creative and critical capabilities to help set you apart within the industry.

Our degrees will provide you with practical skills and a theoretical understanding of professional communication in a range of careers in media and communication, including:

  • corporate communications manager
  • advertising strategist
  • public relations consultant
  • brand manager
  • journalist
  • filmmaker
  • animator
  • copywriter
  • publicist
  • media advisor.

Receive industry mentorship & build a professional portfolio  

Our leading academics combine research and practical industry experience to bring you dynamic mentorship throughout your study at UNSW. You'll also have opportunities to work with real clients on live projects to equip you with the right experience to get you employment-ready.

Our school has established links with coveted agencies and companies with the public relations, advertising, journalism, and media production industries. High-achieving students committed to pursuing a career in media and communications will be offered exciting internship opportunities, helping you to develop a portfolio and work on real-world projects.

As Australia's most global university, you’ll also have opportunities to study overseas at one of our partner institutions across 32 countries.     

Investigate the social & political impact of media through research

Media research at UNSW covers a broad spectrum from journalism and public communication to digital technologies. You’ll examine these phenomena through various lenses and approaches, such as media and cultural theory; linguistic and semiotic theory; the political economy of the media; digital media ethnography; public relations scholarship and journalism and ethics.

Our academic staff have research expertise in a range of areas, including media, philosophy, cultural theory, digital media, strategic communication, advertising, public relations, social media, digital production and animation.  

We also regularly run research seminars where we provide a showcase for local and international scholars, researchers, industry practitioners and creative artists. 

Study with us

  • Our three Bachelor of Media degrees offer an innovative and unique combination of in-depth study in the contemporary media landscape, also equipping you with practical production and professional skills. Core courses focus on media theory, analysis, institutions and industry. Courses in each specialisation include a range of industry-relevant skills pertaining to contemporary media practice and industry contexts.

    Our degree options

    Media, Culture and Technology (MCT)

    Available as a major or minor within the Bachelor of Arts and its double degrees (except Media/Arts), as a major or minor within the Bachelor of Social Sciences and as a major within its double degrees. MCT offers a critical, interdisciplinary understanding of the social, cultural and political impact of contemporary media and communication technologies. Students engage with the latest research and apprehend the historical, critical, and political contexts to the study of the relations of media, culture and technology.

    Practical experience

    Practical experience can be gained through internship opportunities, development of portfolios and real-world projects. Bachelor of Media students will have the opportunity to utilise advanced multimedia labs, digital video production, post-production facilities, animation and audio studios as required by their areas of study. The media undergraduate program has established links with public relations, advertising, journalism and media production industries, including internship opportunities in more than a hundred companies.

  • Take your media and communication studies to the next level. Honours study in media and communications at UNSW is available to high achieving students. It comprises an extra year of study that combines aspects of undergraduate study with post-graduate research. You’ll develop your research and professional skills, individually supervised by specialist staff who are passionate about research and the flourishing of new researchers.

  • With a dual emphasis and carefully considered balance between theory and practice, our postgraduate coursework degrees are perfect for those who want to expand their professional opportunities and potential by learning new skills or consolidating their existing knowledge. Our postgraduate degrees are also suitable for those wanting to switch careers and re-skill.    

    Master of Journalism & Communication

    This postgraduate coursework degree will equip graduates to become an expert across diverse areas and topics in journalism, communication, public relations and digital media. You’ll develop flexible journalistic content creation skills in various news formats, resulting in a portfolio of work suitable for presentation to future employers.  

    Master of Public Relations & Advertising

    Students enrolling in a Master of Public Relations and Advertising will acquire a versatile range of tactical, strategic and creative skills and knowledge, informed by a sound understanding of key trends, dynamics and patterns in the global media and communications landscape. 

    Master of Public Relations & Advertising and Master of Design

    This unique dual postgraduate coursework degree allows students to graduate with two separate degrees, a Master of Public Relations and Advertising and a Master of Design. Graduates are well-rounded communication professionals known for their creativity, innovation, intellectual ability and strategic thinking.

  • As a PhD student, you’ll work with highly regarded academics who are international leaders in their specialised fields of research.  

    We’ll provide you with expertise and supervision for Honours and Doctor of Philosophy programs in a range of research areas. These include areas of study such as digital media, journalism, public relations, practice-based research, media and social transformation, media, philosophy and cultural theory, global media, visual communication, media audiences, and media and culture in postcolonial societies.  

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