Our wide selection of specialisations are designed to excel your career and support your interests in a specialised area of study. UNSW Business offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the exciting and practical range of disciplines below.

Accounting is not just about crunching numbers. Accountants seek to improve the economic wealth and welfare of shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, governments and the community with their business recommendations. 

Be a business problem solver and a key aspect of the decision making process with Business Analytics. You will be equipped with the skills needed to produce and communicate actionable findings and insights from organisational data through descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics. 

Studying Cybersecurity, Risk and Privacy at UNSW Business School will equip you to develop new technological and managerial approaches to cybersecurity and data protection.

Specialising in Digital Transformation will equip you to help organisations and businesses become competitive in the digital economy by transitioning to new technologies, business models and processes.

Be an agent for change. Economists study the cause and effect of unemployment and inflation, economic growth and development, income inequality, public policy, and environmental management. 

Work with global banks, multinational corporations or the stock exchange in a career as rewarding as it is challenging, with a UNSW Finance qualification. Finance can be a high risk, high reward industry requiring decisive strategy in the face of uncertainty. 

FinTech is used to create, enhance and disrupt financial services, from peer-to-peer lending and robo-advice to decentralised finance, such as Bitcoin. By identifying the demands of industry, FinTech sits at the forefront of industry needs, developing highly employable graduates. 

Human Resource Management explores the business of people. Staff are a company's most valuable asset, making the Human Resources Manager a critical position in any public or private organisation.  

As an Information Systems innovator, you will shape the technology that fuels this economy. Information Systems graduates work with social media, business databases, business intelligence systems, networks and infrastructure. 

In International Business you will learn to skilfully manoeuvre through the complex world of highly competitive international markets. You will master the art of managing multinationals as you craft strategies that consider the economic, social, legal, political and cultural contexts of global business. 

Innovation is the catalyst for growth and success in a business. Whether you’re in a start-up, a large corporation or part of an organisational network, you can make it happen with the entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and insights you develop in this subject area. 

As a future manager, we’ll train you to understand the complex relationship between people, power and resources. You’ll apply strategic thinking and your solid people management skills to a dynamic career in planning, leading and directing people and organisations. 

Marketing is essential to every business in today’s highly competitive marketplace. It is a dynamic function aimed at creating differentiation and competitive advantage for a company, so you’ll learn to identify and understand the needs and wants of consumers. 

Use big data analytics to better understand the consumer purchase journey and improve the effectiveness of marketing strategy by offering innovative products and enhanced consumer experience.  

It is a great responsibility to lead decision making that could dramatically impact the financial success of a business. A highly skilled risk analyst requires heightened senses in the art of risk perception to predict, avoid, identify, monitor, mitigate and manage potential threats to business. 

Get ahead in your career while making a meaningful difference to people’s lives, communities and the environment. Far more than simply ‘doing good’, social impact means creating sustainable change in corporate, government and not-for-profit sectors. 

Study Taxation at UNSW and equip yourself to advise effectively and accurately on complex taxation issues impacting modern business decisions.