UNSW School of Photovoltaics & Renewable Energy Engineering’s (SPREE) internationally recognised achievements in the field of solar PV research and development make us the number one solar research lab in the world. We bring an unparalleled 40-year history of innovation and world-changing technology to everyone who joins us.

Our school was responsible for the invention of the PERC cell in 1983 and the global commercialisation of the solar panel industry was forged between our graduates and commercial partners. We’re also home to many records for solar cell power efficiencies.

Explore our diverse research groups working currently in our leading-edge facilities, meet our people and enquire with us about joining in the work that excites you the most. We look forward to hearing from you.

Doctor of Philosophy

This is a three-year research program awarded for a thesis considered to be a substantially original contribution to the area of inquiry. This degree is key to career pathways in government, industrial research and development laboratories and higher education.

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Master of Philosophy by Research

The Master of Philosophy by Research is a two-year program where students are required to submit a thesis which articulates the result of an original investigation, design or engineering development.

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Our Research

We’re the world's leading solar and renewable energy research school. With over 40 years of innovation, our research breaks world records in photovoltaic cell efficiencies year-on-year. Explore our research centres, groups, seminars, publications and more.

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