Trustworthy Digital Society Resourcing

The TDS has a medium-term goal to establish an ARC Centre of Excellence in the area of Trustworthy Digital Society. With this in mind, the TDS invites you to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for an original TDS collaborative project aligned with the aims of the TDS. EOIs will be reviewed and ranked by the TDS Advisory Committee, who may also provide strategic direction and feedback in the interest of future funding.

Members of each selected project team will also become part of the TDS network which will offer opportunities for collaboration, funding and external engagement.

We invite research teams (consisting of at least one UNSW and one UTS academic) to submit research projects, which will be reviewed for potential provision of support by our Advisory Board. Submissions will close cob Monday 22 July 2024.

Support packages may vary depending on need, alignment to the TDS mission and long-term goals and potential impact.

Following review of submitted projects, the TDS Advisory Board may request that some projects be linked based on common themes.

Available Support from the TDS:

    • The TDS currently has $600K available per annum allocated for 2.5 years for research seed funding.
    • This funding will be allocated by the TDS Advisory Board to research projects submitted within the application window.
    • Financial support can take multiple forms
    • TDS funding is intended as seed funding for research, projects that are able to identify potential future funding sources will be favoured.
    • TDS funding will not be provided to cover CI salaries, however funding can be used to contribute to casual staffing costs.
    • The TDS has 2x PhD stipends from UNSW that are open to the Faculty of Engineering.  Please note however that these scholarships can be co-supervised from other Faculties.
    • The TDS has 2x PhD stipends from UTS that are open to all faculties.
    • The TDS would ideally like all four students to have interactions and engagements with one another. PhD projects that emphasise or have potential for cross-collaboration with other PhD students will be favoured.
    • The TDS can disseminate notices across our network of UNSW and UTS academics.
    • Can facilitate connections between academic staff and industry partners.
    • The TDS has the potential to provide promotional support to researchers and research projects that align with the TDS objectives.
      • This may be in the form of financial support, publicity via our Advisory Board channels, featuring on podcasts, assistance in event planning, and distribution of event details.
    • Events run through the TDS would be expected to be open to TDS members and networks.

Submission Rules

  1. Meaningful Collaboration: All projects must demonstrate a meaningful collaboration between UNSW and UTS.
  2. Lead Chief Investigator (CI): The lead CI must be a staff member from either UNSW or UTS.
  3. Multi-Disciplinary Teams: Each project must be comprised of a multi-disciplinary team, bringing together diverse expertise.
  4. Expert Recruitment: Teams can include experts in relevant fields as needed to enhance the project's impact and success, and in particular are encouraged to explore experts from government or industry.
  5. Original Research: Projects must be focused on original research, contributing new knowledge and innovation within the scope of and directly delivering to the vision of the TDS.
  6. Networking and Collaboration: Participants are expected to network and collaborate with other TDS projects, fostering a vibrant and integrated research community.
  7. Consent to Engage: By submitting an EOI, you consent to engaging in a research opportunity with the TDS, committing to the project's collaborative and strategic goals.
  8. Funding Duration: Funding is available for projects with a timeframe of up to three years. Please note shorter projects won’t be disadvantaged.