The focus of our fearless thinking

Where our Schools and Partners are most inspired to make an impact.

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Humanity has always been inspired by what’s just beyond our reach. More often than not, it’s engineers who take up the challenge.

As society has fundamentally evolved over the decades, so too have the areas we choose to focus on making an impact. We focus on needs that are core and universal to human life, and openly collaborate at an interdisciplinary level to answer the questions and upgrade the systems that keep us alive – and reaching.

Our focus areas


Our goal: To bring safe, affordable and sustainable energy to communities in Australia and around the world.

Digital Transformation

Our goal: Developing machine intelligence to serve humanity and unlock human potential 

Future Technologies

Our goal: Pioneering innovations that anticipate a future of alternatives. Designing innovations to define the future and disrupt the present.


Our goal: Designing medical solutions to enable safer, happier, healthier lives.

Recycling & decarbonisation

Our goal: Revamping the economy to live within our limits. Creating new technology from old technology.


Our goal: to bring life and abundance back into our oceans and waterways.

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