Here is the challenge

Your task is to design an innovative technology that will help maintain the wellbeing of humans in space. When brainstorming potential designs, think about being an astronaut stationed at the International Space Station for 10 months, what kind of technology would improve your time spent there. Your proposal can be as big or as small as you like! Some examples of what’s previously been invented to improve a human's time in space include:

  • A water filtration system to ensure that astronauts had access to safe, tasteless water

  • Memory foam to reduce the high forces of take-off and landing on an astronaut's body

  • Scratch resistant lenses to minimise the effects of dirt and particles that can damage astronauts´ helmet visors, and

  • Wireless headphones to allow astronauts to move around cord free.


When thinking about your design, consider the following:

  • What resources and/or technologies are available for your design?

  • Does this problem affect everyone in the same way, and would the solution that works best for you, suit everyone else?

  • What team of engineers would be required to implement your design?

  • How much will your design cost?


Due 11:59pm, Sunday 9 July 2023.

Email your submission to with the title “GIE Club Humans in Space Innovation Challenge” and your name, school, and year stage.

In your submission, make sure you include the following:

  • A brief introduction about yourself and the aim(s) of your design proposal

  • Your design proposal

  • The resources required to implement your design proposal

  • Images, prototypes, models, sketches, videos etc of your design proposal

  • The team of engineers required to implement your proposal e.g., biomedical, aerospace, mechanical, software etc. 

  • OPTIONAL: Are there currently any other designs or existing technologies that are like your proposal or have similar goals? 


  • 2–6-page PDF document; or 

  • 2-5-minute video; or

  • A2 poster **

If there is an additional format you think would work better for your proposal, run it by the UNSW GIE Club team first by emailing

**Note: when doing a poster, try to limit the amount of text and preference diagrams to make it easy for the reader. 


The top five (5) challenge entries as determined by the UNSW GIE Club team will receive an invitation to an exclusive morning tea event at UNSW Sydney with the first Australian woman to be selected for astronaut training, UNSW alumna Dr Meganne Christian! Additionally, the winner of the challenge will receive a $50 Peter Alexander gift voucher, and the four other top entries will each receive a GIE Club prize pack. 

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