Girls in Engineering Club

The UNSW Girls of Engineering Club is an inspiring community for high school girls interested in a career in engineering. We provide opportunities to explore the various and diverse fields of engineering, where you can connect and share ideas with fellow high school girls. You’ll hear from inspiring role models, such as UNSW Engineering students and female engineers who are already making their mark on the world.

By joining the club you’ll receive:

  • Exclusive invitations to UNSW Girls in Engineering Club events
  • Monthly inspiration delivered to your email. Featuring profiles of amazing female engineers, study tips and tricks and blogs from our current engineering students
  • Opportunities to be mentored by current female UNSW Engineering students
  • The chance to win prizes through participating in fun STEM activities
  • Access to a closed Facebook community to connect with like-minded girls


Every term, we set fun and engaging engineering challenges for all our members. Previous challenges have covered water engineering, solar energy systems, wearable technology and 3D printing.