Faculty of Engineering Admission Scheme FAQs

If you’re applying for the Faculty of Engineering Admission Scheme (FEAS), you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from eligibility to application.


You’re eligible if you meet one of the following sets of criteria:

  • An Australian citizen, permanent resident of Australia or a New Zealand citizen who is attempting a 2019 Australian Year 12, International Baccalaureate (IB) in Australia, or the New Zealand NCEA Level 3 qualification.
  • An Australian citizen, permanent resident of Australia or a New Zealand citizen who is NOT currently undertaking an Australian Year 12, IB in Australia or NZ NCEA Level 3 whose highest qualification is a  secondary qualification (e.g. HSC, International Baccalaureate, GCE A Levels, etc); or
  • An international fee-paying student attempting a 2019 Australian Year 12, International Baccalaureate (IB) in Australia, or New Zealand NCEA Level 3 qualification.

Domestic applicants who have undertaken post-secondary or tertiary studies (e.g. TAFE, University) may submit a FEAS application. You will not be required to submit a video, as you will be considered on the basis of data received from the University Admission Centre (UAC). Information on the application process is available on the UAC website.

International applicants who did NOT complete a 2019 Australian Year 12, International Baccalaureate in Australia, or New Zealand NCEA Level 3 qualification, apply for admission direct to UNSW and are not eligible for the Faculty of Engineering Admission Scheme (FEAS). Further information is available on the UNSW website.

Please note: If you are currently in Year 12 and will be taking your HSC in November, you are only eligible for FEAS rounds that correspond with the UAC round you are applying for. If you apply for an earlier round of FEAS than you are eligible your application will not be considered, and you will need to resubmit your application in a future round.

For example, current Year 12 students will not be eligible to apply for FEAS August Round 2 due to not completely their HSC yet. Instead you’ll need to apply for FEAS later in the year when applications open for FEAS December Round 2 offers.

Applicants who have undertaken post-secondary or tertiary studies (e.g. TAFE, University), whether completed or not, may submit an FEAS application with an optional video submission. Applicants who do not submit a video will be considered on the basis of data received from the UAC only**.

By completing an FEAS application these students will be given an opportunity to provide a personal statement to UNSW Engineering. Information on the UAC application process is available on the  UAC website.

** Domestic applicants who have undertaken more than one year (two semesters) of tertiary study should note that their tertiary performance will be given more weight than their secondary results (e.g. ATAR [previously known as UAI]). If you have performed poorly at the tertiary level, you should submit a FEAS application and consider applying under the Special Consideration for Applicants with Tertiary Study (SCATS) scheme. Detailed information (including closing dates) is available on the UNSW website.

If you achieved an ATAR greater than 91.00 you do not need to apply for the Faculty of Engineering Admission Scheme (FEAS). FEAS applies only to those with an ATAR between 83.00 and 90.95. All offers are made by the Universities Admissions Centre in the normal way. Following the FEAS process, certain students with an ATAR in the range 83.00-90.95 may receive an offer in UNSW Engineering programs via UAC through the FEAS.

No. The UNSW HSC Plus program will not have any impact on your eligibility for FEAS, which is determined primarily on your ATAR being in the range 83.00 to 90.95. However, performance in relevant HSC /Australian Year 12 subjects is taken into account as part of the FEAS scheme.

Additional information on HSC Plus is available on the Admission website.

If you have achieved an ATAR (or equivalent) less than 83.00 you are not eligible for admission via FEAS. Visit our Future Students website for information on some of the alternative avenues through which you may seek admission to an undergraduate program at UNSW.

If you enrol in a program at UNSW or another university, you may apply in future years to transfer to UNSW Engineering. Your eligibility to transfer will depend on the program and subjects you enrol in and your performance in the subjects undertaken.

An application to the UAC is required for most transfers. If seeking to transfer between programs within UNSW (e.g. Science to Engineering) you may not need to submit a UAC application.


The FEAS scheme takes one or two rounds of application for every intake term over a given year. For information on when these rounds are opening and/or closing, please visit the FEAS page.

If you are unsure which round of FEAS to apply for, please contact Future Students.

It takes approximately one hour to complete the application form online. You’ll be required to provide up to four responses in the “Personal Statement” section of the application. In addition to the application form, applicants are required to submit a video (no longer than 5 minutes) expressing their motivation for wanting to have a career in engineering. 

Whilst completing your application you can go back and forth to make edits. Once submitted you will receive an email confirmation containing a personalised link that will allow you to edit your responses up until the survey closing date.

No. You must personally complete the application, and you are personally responsible for the security of your Username and Password. Submitting your application requires formal acceptance of these conditions.

Yes. Year 12 reports needs to be submitted along with your FEAS video by the application closing date. Details will be given when completing your application.

You’ll be able to see a “thank you message” once you’ve successfully submitted your application, and you’ll not receive any further updates from UNSW regarding your FEAS application. All offers are made by UAC.

Students with a selection rank (ATAR + Adjustment factors) at or above the published Guaranteed Entry score of 91.00 (for 2021 entry) will receive an offer to study at UNSW in the UAC December Round 2. This is as long as you’ve ordered your preferences in a way that allows us to make you this offer). Following the FEAS process, certain students with an ATAR in the range 83.00-90.95 may receive an offer in Engineering programs at UNSW via UAC through the FEAS.

Yes. An application for FEAS is not an application for admission to UNSW Engineering. You must complete a UAC application by the due date for admission in 2020. For information on applying for admission to UNSW, visit the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) website.

We are interested in your reasons for applying for UNSW Engineering. If you are interested in a particular area of Engineering, then this should be reflected in your FEAS application and your UAC preferences.

However, you can indicate a generic interest in Engineering. Our Faculty has a flexible first year program (UAC Code: 425000), following which you can elect to study the engineering program of your choice* from Year 2 onwards. If you are undecided, then let us know and discuss your choices and interests.

*Subject to academic performance and available places in preferred program.

FEAS applies to all undergraduate Engineering programs at UNSW with a Guaranteed Selection Rank (GE) of 93.00, including:

FEAS is available for double degree programs, which may admit students with an ATAR between 83 and 90.95. It will not affect admission to programs for which the Guaranteed selection Rank (GE) is above 91.00.

This includes the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) programs at UNSW Canberra (some intakes only).

Video Submission

As part of your application, you are required to submit a video (maximum five minutes). This is your chance to tell us all about your motivation and passion to study Engineering. In the video, you’ll need to clearly identify yourself and include:

  1. Your full name
  2. UAC application number
  3. Photo identification

The video can be any length up to a maximum of five minutes. You should not feel like you need to fill the entire five minutes. The purpose of the video is to allow you to express your motivation and passion for engineering.

We are assessing the content, not your video editing skills so we only require that it be of a sufficient quality so that we can adequately view and hear the presentation.  

Videos will need to be 100mb or less in order to be submitted. If your video file is larger than this, you can compress it with an open source software for video conversions such as handbrake.fr. Or you can compress your video into a zip file via Windows or Mac.

Please ensure you’re completely satisfied with your video before uploading it to complete your FEAS application. If you must upload a replacement video, you can edit your application using the personalised link in your application confirmation email.

If you continue to experience problems with uploading your video submission, please submit a question online or contact Future Students:

T: 1300 UNI NSW (1300 864 679)