Postgraduate Research

Postgraduate research students from UNSW School of Chemical Engineering have the opportunity to conduct research under the supervision of some of Australia’s leading researchers. If you’re looking into postgraduate research, you can choose from a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or Masters of Philosophy. 

Both programs are based on research, which can help you advance your skills in areas such as:  

  • Research and problem-solving skills 
  • Innovation and commercialisation 
  • Learning and teaching principles 
  • Business management 
  • Project management

The PhD program takes a minimum of three years of full-time study to complete. Whereas a Masters by Research program requires between one to two years of full-time study. The Masters program is designed for students with professional experience and an interest in research training. Explore your options to find the best one for you. 

Doctor of Philosophy  

Pursue your passion for research while polishing your professional skills. When you complete a Doctor of Philosophy, you’ll be guided by leading global experts while completing career development courses in: 

  • Commercialisation 
  • Project management  
  • Communication 

At UNSW School of Chemical Engineering, we offer the following Doctor of Philosophy programs:  


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Master of Philosophy

Our Master of Philosophy (MPhil) gives you the opportunity to produce a thesis based on original research. This exciting program won’t neglect your professional skills as it comes with a compulsory coursework and research training component (relevant to your chosen field). It may also provide a pathway to the PhD degree.

We offer the following Master of Philosophy programs at UNSW School of Chemical Engineering:


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Start your postgraduate research journey with all the information you need. Learn about eligibility requirements, scholarships and how to apply.  

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Our Research  

Discover how our integrated approach to research is making a real-world impact. Explore our world-renowned research centres and partnerships with more than 100 industry and government bodies. We’re at the forefront of fundamental and applied research within the fields of energy, environmental engineering and macromolecular and interfacial engineering. 

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Meet our talented team of world-leading academics. Whether you’re searching for a research supervisor, professor or lecturer, we’ve got you covered. Search by keyword or role to connect with the person you’re looking for.

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