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At the UNSW School of Chemical Engineering, we provide world-leading undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Study with us and you can take advantage of industry contacts, a range of scholarship options and expert teachers to launch your future career.


One of the top schools for chemical engineers in Australia, we’re globally competitive and home to some of the world’s leading professors and researchers. Our undergraduate degree programs are designed to be research-intensive with strong links to industry. 

Advance your professional skills and deepen your expertise with postgraduate research or coursework. Our academic staff are globally recognised leaders, ready to train you to the highest level. Develop new research to provide solutions for tomorrow's challenges.

Conduct research and advance your skills under the supervision of some of Australia’s leading talents. If you’re looking into postgraduate research, you can choose from a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or Masters by Research.

Future Students 

We provide you with career-focused degrees in an inclusive and supportive environment. From industrial training in multi-national companies to educational opportunities overseas, UNSW Engineering equips you with the skills and knowledge to make an impact and a difference. 

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Girls in Engineering Club 

High school girls are invited to join a fun and inspiring community of people interested in a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).  Explore the diverse fields of Engineering with access to regular events, engaging workshops and monthly challenges. 

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Browse the opportunities available across the various subdisciplines within engineering, including depth, breadth and practice electives. In addition, read course descriptions and learn which trimesters they’re offered in.

Discover roles and careers in a wide variety of industries and organisations, depending on your specialisation and interests. Explore these areas to plan out where you would prefer to pursue your passion for chemical engineering after graduation.

Course outlines articulate objectives, organisation and assessments, helping you understand the connection between your courses, our desired graduate attributes and your future work. By combining the information from all your courses, you should be able to plan out your term.

We welcome students from all over the globe. Browse through our course offerings and study options to find the academic track that suits your situation. We offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, with a range of pathway programs through UNSW Global.

Our commitment to providing opportunities for future students is strong. Many of our engineering scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement, but some are based on personal circumstances, including financial need. Explore our list to find the scholarships that suit your situation.