BSc Food Science and Technology, UNSW

The Food Science and Technology Program at UNSW has provided me with exceptional learning opportunities and wonderful experiences. 

I initially chose this program because of the impeccable reputation of UNSW and the School of Chemical Engineering’s strong links with the Australian food industry.  Now, as a 3rd year student in my penultimate year, I could definitely say that the program has lived up to and exceeded my expectations of tertiary education.

I have enjoyed every moment of learning. I frequently encountered other students who moaned about their studies and when they asked what I studied, I would say: “FOOD!” Their eyes will widen at the thought of food, followed by a whole heap of jealous revelations. I would recommend this program to individuals who are interested in all aspects of food with a “scientifically-driven” curiosity.

The four-year program involves learning the basic sciences, focusing on food science through to the application of scientific knowledge on food products and finally to research by developing theses.

Through the strong links of the School of Chemical Engineering with the Australian food industry, I was given the opportunity to assist at the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST) annual convention/Foodpro Expo and the NSW Food Authority Sydney Royal Easter Show stand.  Recently I was also accepted into the first Food Science and Technology Industry Mentoring Program where I have access to experienced food professionals from leading food companies including Tip Top, Weston Milling and AB Mauri. The School of Chemical Engineering also organises factory site visits to Arnott’s, SunRice and Mars Petcare, which has increased my industry exposure.  

Not only have I had the opportunity to learn from brilliant academics and had access to outstanding facilities, my university experience was also enhanced by the large provision of extra-curricular activities throughout all levels at university. I first benefitted from the UNSW Engineering Peer Mentoring Program as a mentee which eased my transition from high school to university. Earlier this year I volunteered as a peer mentor to assist other students in turn. Last year, I was also delighted to produce and hand out liquid nitrogen ice cream at UNSW Open Day.

In addition, student society involvement has been central to my university life where I met many students, developed strong friendships and had amazing experiences! First Year Camp is definitely not an event to miss! Commencing as a First Year Representative, I have since maintained my involvement by assuming the roles of Co-President and am currently the President of the Food Science Association (FSA). This has also provided me with the pleasure of planning and organising events such as the Anti-Poverty Week Food Drive and Healthy Awareness Day.

Through these exceptional academic and social opportunities, the Food Science and Technology degree at UNSW has provided me and will continue to provide a well-rounded university experience!