BE Chemical Engineering, UNSW

Studying chemical engineering at UNSW is a dynamic, rewarding experience.

As a current second year student, I have enjoyed learning from enthusiastic and passionate teachers, gaining career essential skills and acquiring insight into the profession through course based site visits and internships.

Graduating from Radford College ACT, in 2011, I was drawn towards the numerical, problem solving nature of engineering. Yet it was my interest in chemistry and the ability of chemical engineers to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges, which led me to choose the ‘universal engineering’ field - chemical engineering.

On campus there is so much on offer to make your time at uni successful and memorable.  Through involvement in the UNSW Volunteer Army program, Oxfam, the UNSW Tennis Club and the Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Society (CEUS), I have met loads of friends and developed lifelong skills. 

As President of CEUS, I have been fortunate enough to help facilitate social and networking events. We are also currently in the process of forming a concrete student academic support service for students.

Participating in and helping to lead the First Year Chemical Engineering Camp, has also been an incredible experience I have been involved in. On the three day camp, students get to exercise their problem solving skills across multiple engineering challenges, meet staff members and socialise with their year group over two themed party events.

Living on campus at the Kensington Colleges has also made a massive positive impact on my university life.  Providing a strong support network of likeminded people, it has made the transition to uni a breeze and provided many opportunities for social and sporting events.

With the strong reputation of the UNSW Chemical Engineering School, opportunities for engaging in practical, real world experience during your degree are also available. As a member of the UNSW Co-op Program, I spent my last summer break by undertaking an internship with Siemens Water Technologies. Taking on industry training has provided me with valuable workplace experience, allowing me to gain a feel for the industry and making it possible to begin establishing my professional networks very early on.

Undertaking a chemical engineering degree at UNSW has already provided me with priceless skills and I am looking forward to a stimulating and rewarding career!