November challenge: rural solar energy systems

Imagine you are a renewable energy engineer in a rural community looking to improve a public space or community activity. How could you implement a small scale off-grid solar energy system to benefit the community?

September challenge: dementia & assistive technology

Imagine that an elderly family member has started exhibiting signs of dementia. Design a device to help them with a morning task. Present your solution in a short video, imagining that you were pitching to NSW Department of Health, who may fund development of your idea.

August challenge: wearable tech

Create a piece of wearable technology for your school uniform that can help solve a common problem at school or in the classroom, and present this in a 2 minute video.

July challenge: water solutions

Women and children in poor and disadvantaged communities around the world carry the burden of water collection for their families.

June challenge: water sensitive design

Design a water capture and reuse system you could place in your backyard, a park, at school or maybe even on your window? It can be a device or a landscape plan.

April project: 3D printing a desk organiser

Sketch and design a simple but creative desk organiser for your pens and other stationary!

March challenge: partial hand prothesis

Imagine your friend has a partial hand on her right side. She has a palm but does not have a thumb or any fingers. Her wrist on the side of the amputation works exactly as yours does.