July challenge

In a short video tell us about a country where this exists and what a solution might look like.

Created by: Dr. Andrew Dansie - Senior Lecturer in Humanitarian Engineering at UNSW

Women and children in poor and disadvantaged communities around the world carry the burden of water collection for their families. They often have to walk many kilometres to collect water and then carry it back to their homes for drinking, cleaning and cooking purposes. 

When constructing your presentation, think about…

  • How much water your house uses each day and how long it would take to collect that amount of water each day
  • The problem for the community in the country you have chosen
  • Where is the water being collected from and what is the quality of the water
  • How collecting water impacts the lives of women and children – both short-term and long-term
  • What a sustainable and affordable solution might look like
  • How the solution could be implemented in the community

Your video should be no longer than 2 minutes.

Make sure you upload it to the Girls in Engineering Club Facebook group by Friday 26 July.

We will pick three videos to be awarded a special prize pack for participating!