April Project

Sketch and design a simple but creative desk organiser for your pens and other stationary!

When designing your 3D-printed object think about 

  • The dimensions of your object is limited by the size of the machine. Our printers can print on a 21x19x30cm work area.
  • How small your object is limited by “Wall thickness”, which is the minimum thickness sections of your object can be. Try work with a 5mm thickness.
  • 3-D Printers deposit material layer by layer; it cannot print on thin air. For basic printing try not to have a too many steep overhanging sections.
  • Level of detail on your object– Depending on the 3D printer there is only so much intricate details which they can print. 3D printers print in in layers and the smaller the height of these layers means objects have a smoother appearance.

See more 3-D printing design information here

Upload a sketch of your stationary organiser! Our technical staff will work to 3D print your object

Submit: Make sure you upload it to the Girls in Engineering Club Facebook group or Submit your sketch here by the 15th  of May 2020, and you’ll have a chance to win prizes for participating!

Top 3 entries will get their Desk Organiser printed and sent to them!

Check out this simple object we whipped up in 2 minutes! I bet you could do better.

Need some inspo? Check out these websites and videos: