Expand your career options by completing a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or a Masters by Research. UNSW School of Computer Science and Engineering gives you the opportunity to work with global leaders to research real-world solutions and make a positive impact. Connect with a research supervisor and explore your study options.  

Doctor of Philosophy  

Our Doctor of Philosophy programs are designed for those truly passionate about research. During your study you’ll be required to complete a piece of research that provides a significant and original contribution to knowledge in your field. You’ll gain advanced specialist research training to support your production of a thesis that summarises your research and provides evidence for:  

  • Independent thought and critical analysis 
  • Effective communication  
  • Expert knowledge of the discipline in the international context. 

We offer the following Doctor of Philosophy programs at the school:  

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Master of Philosophy  

Hone your skills with a Masters by Research from UNSW School of Computer Science and Engineering. This qualification will help you to develop your understanding of methodology, present your findings and complete an original piece of research, all while working with some of the best minds in your field of research.  

We offer the following Master of Philosophy programs at the school: 

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Potential PhD Projects

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Our Research  

Help solve the world's greatest challenges when you undertake research at UNSW School of Computer Science and Engineering. Our acclaimed research centres and partnerships give you access to more than 100 industry and government organisations. Discover the strides we’re making in artificial intelligence, computer vision, data science, cybersecurity and privacy, human-computer interaction, machine learning, embedded systems, and theoretical computer science. 

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Keen to connect with a prospective research supervisor or chat to an expert about your research idea? Perhaps you’re trying to find a lecturer or a group to collaborate with. Search UNSW Sydney Researcher profiles by their research interests, publications and areas of expertise to find who you’re looking for.

Our exciting array of student life experiences will allow you to expand your skills and get to know your peers in the process. Work on special projects and grow your interest in the field. Make new connections with staff, industry and other students for a truly enriching experience.

At UNSW School of Computer Science and Engineering we're committed to recognising and rewarding our students. Whether you're excelling in your field of study or overcoming difficult circumstances, we have scholarships and prizes to suit almost every situation. Learn how to apply for funding options to support.

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Please contact our Graduate Research school for any admission related enquiries:  

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