Civil, Structural & Surveying

Join a $106 billion dollar industry driving employment growth

Structural Engineering

What is Civil and Structural Engineering and Surveying?

Civil engineers work with every element of modern infrastructure. They design, construct, manage, maintain and assess sustainability. Structural engineering ensures structures are safe, durable, attractive and economical. Surveying supports all construction activity and infrastructure engineering in urban and rural environments. Surveyors work alongside engineers, architects and land developers.

Why study Civil and Structural Engineering and Surveying?

Civil engineering and related fields like surveying and structural engineering are part of a $106 billion industry which is driving employment growth through new projects. Civil and structural engineers are increasingly working to overcome challenges created by climate change and natural disasters as well as working with new low-emission materials and recycling of structures to minimise our footprint on the planet.

Why choose UNSW?

Ranked first in Australia for Civil and Structural Engineering and 16th globally for Civil and Structural Engineering, you’ll benefit from close industry links and partnerships when studying at UNSW. We’re focussed on working with new and improved low emission materials and full life cycle assessments including real-time monitoring of structures to create better outcomes for society and the planet. Our degrees emphasise practical design and problem solving to get you ready to tackle professional challenges.

What about careers?

Engineers in this field are some of the highest paid graduates in the country. Civil Engineers are employed in construction, design, specialist consulting, scientific and technical services, transport and all levels of government. You’ll acquire skills in engineering and technology, building and construction, sustainable design and project management for a successful career in a range of sectors

Career options include: 

  • Surveying
  • Engineering consulting
  • Construction
  • Financial and management consultancies 
  • Government

How can I study Civil, Structural and Surveying?