Girls in Engineering Plays Kahoot!

kahoot infographics

Hey club members! After the fun we had playing Skribbl, we’ve decided to organise another GIE games night! This month, we’ll be playing Kahoot. If you haven’t played before, it’s basically a short quiz game which has some popping tunes to accompany it! The game will be engineering focused and even have a few GIE questions thrown in!


The event will be a mix of getting to know fellow club members, learning about engineering at UNSW and poppin’ along to the Kahoot theme song. Only club members are invited!


THURSDAY the 28th of May at 7:00 pm. We will start the call at 6:55 pm and set up all the tech before doing introductions at 7:05 pm (ish). The game will go for about 30 minutes.


The event will happen on an online Zoom call so that we can meet everyone, ask some questions and chat while we draw. The call can be accessed  on the 28th at 7pm via facebook or a link we will email to you.

We will play in a PRIVATE Kahoot room on the night. The link will be posted in the Zoom call.

NB: Zoom and Kahoot don’t require you to download anything...both can be accessed via your browser.


If you want to play, take the following steps:
1. Click “going” on the Facebook event or fillin your details on the sign up sheet.
2. Block out Thursday the 28th of May at 7pm in your diary/study planner
3. On Thursday the 28th at 7pm, join the Zoom which you will find on facebook or will  be emailed to you if you dont have facebook.


I don't have facebook:

If you don't have facebook sign up to the event here: Sign Up Link.

We will email you the link to the Zoom meeting and priviate Skribbl game.

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