General Education is an integral part of undergraduate study for UNSW engineering students. It broadens and deepens your understanding of the environment in which you live and work and enhances your critical analysis skills. Above all, it presents you with interesting, challenging and enjoyable opportunities to pursue your own intellectual curiosity.

The basic general education requirements are the same for students in all single degree from one faculty.

Students must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 12 units of credit (UoC) in General Education courses or their equivalent taken from outside the home faculty (unless otherwise entitled to an exemption or special requirements).

Single degrees versus double degrees

Students enrolled in combined undergraduate programs leading to the award of two degrees, each in a different faculty, must meet their general education requirements. However, variation to the general education requirements in some combined programs may have been approved. Students should always check their program requirements in the UNSW handbook.

General Education courses

General Education courses must be offered by a faculty that is not the engineering faculty. They cannot be related to core courses in your program. Students in a single Bachelor of Engineering degree can count ENGG0360 Communicating in Engineering towards their General Education requirements. 

View our list of General Education Courses to learn more

Program requirements & enrolment process

For program requirements, please refer to the Student Services general education team.If you’re unable to enrol through myUNSW, please contact your faculty or program office regarding alternative enrolment arrangements. Find out more on our Course Enrolment page.

Please contact the Nucleus Student Hub or your Engineering Program Authority for all queries related to the following contact Student Services:

  • Transfers from other universities.
  • Requirements for double and concurrent degrees.
  • General education requirements for your program.
  • Units of Credit, Fees & Charges and General Education.