If you’ve applied for a Master degree at UNSW Engineering and didn’t quite make the Weighted Average Mark (WAM) cut-off, you may be eligible for the Faculty of Engineering Postgraduate Admissions Scheme (EPAS).

This scheme is an alternative pathway for students considering postgraduate study and applies to all UNSW Engineering schools. Successful students can receive up to five additional marks to top-up their WAM for their chosen degree.

EPAS is currently only available for Master degrees, not UNSW Engineering Graduate Certificates or Graduate Diplomas.

How to Apply

Step 1: Submit a UNSW Admissions Application

Before you can apply via the EPAS, you must have applied for your chosen program via UNSW Admissions.

Step 2: Book an Interview Time

If you’re identified as eligible for EPAS, you’ll receive a booking link via email with instructions on how to book an online interview.

Preparing for the Interview

We know that interviews can be a bit nerve-wracking, but they don’t have to be. Being prepared is a great way to put your nerves at ease. Here are a few tips:

Do Your Homework

Think about the sort of questions you could be asked – such as what’s the relevance of your past degree or how you will transition to postgraduate studies. Being ready to answer questions like these will make you feel more relaxed with the situation. 

Be Organised

Have you arranged a quiet space to do your online interview? Do you know who you’ll be interviewed by? Interviewing online can be a bit different to one in person so make sure you're familiar with Zoom by watching a tutorial. Make sure you’re ready to go 10 minutes before the interview starts so that you’re organised. 

Confidence is Key

Put your best foot forward. The interview is an opportunity to talk about your achievements and what you want to do with your career.

Engineering Postgraduate Admission Scheme FAQs

  • Before applying, please make sure you meet the criteria below:

    • Check UNSW Admissions Criteria for your chosen degree
    • Are within five marks of the cut-off WAM of your chosen Master’s program

    Note: The 8621 Master of Engineering program is not eligible for EPAS.

  • The interviewer will be assessing criteria such as:

    • Your motivation for studying your chosen degree
    • What completing this degree will give you
    • Your communication skills
    • How you might have worked through a difficult or challenging situation in the past
    • A good sense of what Engineering studies involves
  • When you are booking your interview, you’ll be asked to choose a time from the school your program belongs to. While it’s preferred that you complete your interview within the school you are applying to, if there are no suitable times available, you may choose another school to complete your interview with.

    If you’re unsure what school you’re applying to, you can find this information on our postgraduate degree page.

  • Yes, you can apply for both simultaneously. If you’re made an offer for both, you can choose which program you enrol in.

  • Once you’ve been made an offer, your enrolment is no different and you’ll be treated the same as any other student.

  • EPAS is currently only available for UNSW Engineering Master programs, not UNSW Engineering Graduate Certificates or Graduate Diplomas.

    Note: The 8621 Master of Engineering program is not eligible for EPAS.

  • After booking, you’ll receive a confirmation email and a calendar invitation that gives you the option to cancel or reschedule your interview. If you are unable to make your chosen interview time simply navigate to one of these and choose the appropriate option.

  • Following the interview, our Admissions team will be in touch with you within two weeks to notify you of the outcome. If you’re successful, an offer will be made by the UNSW Admissions Team.

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