Resident GIE Club blogger Lucy shares some of her strategies for keeping sane during exam time (hint: it’s easier than you think!)

It can be hard to feel like you are still living your normal life when you are deep in study mode – but ironically, it is exactly in this crazy time when keeping a balance is most important. Here are some things that I do to help me to find that happy medium between keeping healthy and studying hard during exam time!

Set a schedule (and stick to it!)

If you set yourself a specific number of hours per day to study each subject, you will be able to make some time for yourself once you finish those hours. One handy hint I was given for studying during holiday or exam periods is to keep to your school timetable – start, finish and break times as well! Pop your phone away during these study blocks, so that you can text your friends guilt free later.

Get moving

Exercise is super important. Your brain loves it too. So, make sure you spend some time every day on your feet and away from your desk. Get some blood pumping by squeezing even 30 min of exercise into your schedule each day – you will be surprised at how much better you feel.

Don’t give up the things you love

If you are involved in extracurricular activities – try not to give them up just because it’s exam time! Whether it be debating, soccer, choir or ceramics, it is good to keep to your normal schedule and you will appreciate the break from the books for an hour or two.

Prioritise your Zzz’s

It can be easy to sacrifice your sleep to get some extra study done, but if you’re trying to maintain a balance this isn’t a great idea. Getting your regular sleep will make your brain more efficient and productive during the day – and on the other side, not getting enough sleep can also affect your immune system and the last thing you want during exams is to get sick!

Don’t cut yourself off from the rest of the world!

Now this doesn’t mean texting your friends at all hours of the day… but it’s never a good idea to cut yourself off from your friends or family completely. Ensure you spend some time with your family or the people you live with – whether this is a dinner-time catchup or a Netflix study break. Also, checking in with your classmates is a great way to help each other and ensure you haven’t missed any important study points!

While at times it feels like exams are the most important thing in the world, it’s really important to keep a balanced perspective, and to look after yourself. These are just a few tips that I’ve found useful – if have your own system/strategies that work for you, we’d love to hear about it in the GIE Club Facebook group!