Welcome to our latest instalment from resident GIE Blogger Lucy – she’s got you sorted when it comes to anything study-related!

You know the feeling you get when you’ve been at your desk studying for 3 hours and you really need a break ... but stopping now will make it ten times harder to get back into the study flow when you come back?

We’ve all been there – so here are my top tips for taking a study break without breaking the study rhythm!

Dive into a puzzle

Spend 10-15 minutes on a puzzle that keeps your brain active but is completely different from your schoolwork – my favourites are sudoku (to break up an English/writing-based subject) or a word search (to break up the maths/science study). A Rubik’s Cube or colouring book can be good as well – just be careful you don’t lose track of time!

YouTube it

Give your hands a break from writing and watch a video or two on YouTube – they can even help with your study (case in point – check out John Green’s CrashCourse videos which have an awesome range of science and history topics). If you’re learning a language, why not try and find a YouTuber who speaks that language to practise your listening?

Take a stroll

Have a quick exercise break! No need to run a marathon, but taking the dog for a walk, or going for a stroll around the block is a good chance to get in your daily exercise and give your brain a break from studying. Depending on your neighbourhood, you might like to go and get yourself a drink or lunch from nearby shops – its good to reward yourself for getting lots of study done!

Go back to basics

Want a simple, fun activity that will keep you in the mood for study but won’t make your brain hurt too much? One thing I did in Year 12 was make study cards with simple maths formula (trig identities, quadratic formula, etc.) that I was fairly confident with but still needed to practice – and I used these as a break from the heavy, harder topics.

Sort out your #deskmess

If you’re like me, during study time my desk gets paper and notes EVERYWHERE! Taking 15 minutes to clear space and sort out your papers will help you study more effectively. Doing something mundane like cleaning your desk will also help reset your brain without letting it completely switch off.

Take a GIE break!

Have a read of the monthly Girls in Engineering Club newsletter! The articles, videos, blogs and challenges are all engineering or study-related, so what better way of having a study break than catching up on the latest content?

There are tons of different ways to take a break from studying that aren’t going to break the rhythm, but it’s important to remember that not all of these are going to work for everyone. Have a go at some of these and see what works for you – or share your own in the GIE Club Facebook group!

Happy study-breaking!

By Lucy