Build the foundations of your engineering career with an undergraduate degree from the UNSW School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications. Our Bachelor degrees are accredited by Engineers Australia (EA), which also gives you international recognition for your qualifications under the Washington Accord.

We offer a challenging undergraduate program of international standing, within an enjoyable and supportive social and academic environment. Our students develop good communication skills and the ability to work cooperatively on complex systems and tasks.


Electrical Engineers work in the research, design, development, manufacturing and management of complex hardware and software systems and devices. These range from computer and power networks to advanced robotics and biomedical equipment.

Quantum Engineers design and develop technologies that exploit the laws of quantum mechanics. This field draws from a diverse range of disciplines, including fundamental physics, electrical engineering, telecommunications and computer science.

Telecommunications Engineers explore how information is transferred from one point to another. This covers all aspects of voice and data communications systems, including telephone and data networks, radio and TV, satellites and deep space applications.

Broaden your options and knowledge base by taking on a second degree while you study Engineering. You can choose a double degree in the fields of Arts, Science, Law, Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering or Commerce.


We are one of the largest postgraduate schools in Australia and a world leader in a number of research areas. Broadly, our five research disciplines are Energy Systems, Nano/Micro Systems, Systems and Control, Telecommunications and Signal Processing.

We offer a range of opportunities to excel in engineering disciplines and connect with dedicated, like-minded peers. Our student community will inspire you to do your best work as you pursue your path towards a career as an engineer.

At UNSW, we pride ourselves on rewarding excellence and making university life accessible to students from all walks of life. Whether you’re a local or international student, our range of scholarships, prizes and awards can support your journey. Learn how to apply for funding options for your degree.