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How studying engineering at UNSW can get you a Guinness World Record!

February 14, 2023

Cherie Pepperell has spent the past year with the UNSW solar car team, Sunswift, and in that time she has not only seen the team grow, but also set a Guinness World Record!

Meet Girls in Engineering Club member Maria!

Maria Kargas is a Year 11 student from Sydney Girls High School, who participated in the UNSW GIE FEAS program and attended the Girls Big Day Out event at the UNSW Kensington campus. Read about her experiences here!

GIE Summer Intensive Program 2022 – solving real-world healthcare problems

Over the summer break, a group of UNSW Girls in Engineering Club members who were the lucky winners of the GIE Summer Intensive Competition undertook a 3-week humanitarian engineering program run by Engineering World Health. It was an incredible sneak peek for the girls into humanitarian engineering.

My trip to Cambodia with Engineering World Health

Getting an engineering degree opens up a wide variety of opportunities. Mechatronic and Biomedical Engineering student Yiyi Cheng describes how it gave her the opportunity to do some humanitarian work.

Q&A with surveyor Hannah Pearce

Meet Registered Land Surveyor Hannah Pearce. We asked her to shed some light on her journey to becoming a surveyor and what it is like now that she's there.

Quantum engineering video series

Learn more about Quantum Engineering at UNSW in our 3-part video series.

GIE x Tiliter: Being an engineer at an Australian start-up

Tiliter’s Machine Learning Research Engineering Dora (Rui Dong) tell us what it's like being an engineer in a face paced Australian start up.

What a hacker really looks like: An interview with Evie

Evie is a Cyber Security Engineer at Commbank and UNSW graduate with a degree in Computer Science - Security Engineering. She works hard to ensure that our data remains safe and is used properly. Working in a range of cyber security teams, Evie has extensive knowledge about the topic so we have decided to pick her brains!

Meet a renewable engineer

"I see how taking small leaps of faith through wild innovative ideas boosted my confidence as a woman who wants to change the world."


Imagine simply saying *yes* to the exciting (and sometimes scary) opportunities that life offers.

Code ninjas

Over the summer holidays we set you the challenge of putting your thoughts down in writing and coming up with a blog idea. Have a read of the winning entry.

Diversity is a superpower – member responses

Member responses to the question ‘Why is diversity in STEM important’?

GIE summer reading list

Whether you’re an avid reader, an occasional book dabbler or just looking for some end-of-year gifts for friends, check out this list of top STEM-related books for this summer!

The great GIE merch giveaway

Tell us why diversity in STEM is important to you to WIN!

Come and change the game with VIPs

Read on to find out what the VIP Program is about.

Unexpected places to find work experience

How to find dat werk werk werk werk werk.

9 things to remember when moving out of home

Bella shares her lessons learnt moving out of home.

Extracurriculars you wished you knew about sooner

Great activities to break up your study time.

Six things to consider when deciding whether to take a gap year

Some tips to help you make this big decision.

Helpful habits to improve your wellbeing

Tips to build resilience, learn to deal with challenges and grow as a person.