Summer is nearly over and for some of you, that means it’s time to start packing your things and moving to a different city for school or uni. When I moved out of home to come to UNSW, I was relatively clueless about how much stuff to bring and forgot some pretty crucial items. Luckily for you, I’ve summed up some of the key things to bring along when you move out of home. 

1. Medicare card 

Most teenagers share a Medicare card with their families/guardians. When you move out, it’s important to have your own card as it allows you to access rebated (= reduced fee) medical services like the doctor & medications. It’s super easy to apply as long as you’re over 15:  How to get your Medicare Card

2. Room decorations 

Bringing some decorations from home is an easy way to make your new digs feel more personal and help with some of the homesickness. I’d recommend pictures of friends and family! 

3. Year 12 study notes 

I’m a bit of a hoarder… I kept all of my worksheets and notes from Year 7 to 12. When I moved out of home, I only brought along my HSC materials (RIP the Year 8 chemistry worksheets!). These have come in handy on multiple occasions, particularly during maths lectures! 

4. Money card 

If you’re living away from your family, having easy access to money is a must. Make sure you organise some sort of savings/debit card a fair while before you leave home as they can take a while to come in the mail and you want to make sure you have money on arrival. 

5. Clothes hangers 

Why fold your clothes when you can just leave them on hangers and pack them in a box? That said, if you’re one for folding, make sure you don’t forget clothes hangers as this will delay your unpacking (and lead to very crinkled clothes!). 

6. Business outfit 

“WHAT….business attire? I’m only 17!”. Whilst it might seem odd now, you’ll thank me when you sign up for a networking event with a “business casual” dress code. There are lots of great networking events and opportunities at uni, so save yourself the cash & stress and bring an outfit from home. 

7. Thongs 

Whether you’re afraid of what bacteria might be lurking in the shower (Tinea anyone?) or you just want some easy slip ons for late-night Maccas trips, thongs/slides will be your best friend. 

8. Calculator

The “low light” of my first day of uni was undoubtedly wasting $40 on a new calculator. It hadn’t even crossed my mind to bring one along. So, learn from my mistakes and save yourself the time and money! 


Believe me…no matter how little room you have in your suitcase, you must pack ugg boots. The joy of coming home from a long day of uni and slipping into uggies is unparalleled and will make you feel like you’re really at home. 

By Bella