Learn more about Quantum Engineering at UNSW Sydney in our 3-part video series. 

In 2020 UNSW launched a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Quantum Engineering), the first undergraduate degree of its kind in the world. Offered by the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications, this degree combines electrical engineering with quantum principles to prepare students to develop the quantum technologies of the future.

The UNSW Girls in Engineering Club interviewed three people involved in the Quantum Engineering degree at UNSW, gaining different perspectives about this exciting field. First up is Indi Warner, a second-year engineering student who has just started her studies in quantum. Indi has also written a blog about what quantum engineering is, which you can read here.

Indi Warner

Rosanna Xu

Rosanna Xu is a Quantum Research Assistant, and in our second clip she provides some insight into what studying quantum engineering looks like at UNSW.

Dr Arne Laucht

In the final part of our three-part series, Dr Arne Laucht a Scientia Senior Lecturer for Quantum Engineering and Program Manager of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology, explains the opportunities and job roles available to students upon completion of their studies in quantum engineering. 

If you have any questions regarding a Quantum Engineering degree at UNSW please contact the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications .