BSc Food Science and Technology, UNSW

I first heard of UNSW’s Food Science and Technology degree during my Open Day visit when I was in year twelve. 

However, it was not my first preference. I chose to study Chemical Engineering (for my first year at UNSW) because of my passion for chemistry and I found the nature of engineering to be interesting and challenging.

The UNSW School of Chemical Engineering hosts an annual ‘first year camp’ which helped me settle in, meet my fellow students and develop a network within the school community. Going to the camp also gave me the chance to meet and interact with Food Science students. Here I realised that Food Science and Technology might be a better option for me as it combines two of the things I love – food and chemistry. I also found out that having a qualification in Food Science and Technology would enable me to have great job prospects, as the food industry is one of the largest industries in Australia.

Looking back now I certainly made the right decision because learning about the chemical, physical and biological aspects of food really interests me. During my degree I have learnt how the food that appears on supermarket shelves are produced, what processes they went through, what technologies are used to manufacture them and its nutritional content. My best experience with the program was designing and developing a product to suit a specific target market. I found this project to be very rewarding as it helped me develop technical skills and inspired me to think about different roles I may want to pursue in my career.

The Food Science and Technology degree is engaging and has given me insight into the real-life food industry. In the first year you get to do a factory site visit, and in the fourth year there is a field trip to various food manufacturing companies around Australia. The Food Science and Technology Industry Mentoring Program is also offered (to third year students), by participating in this program I have gained industry exposure and have learnt first hand about industry specific food processes from my mentor – who is an experienced professional working in the food industry.

On the fun side, UNSW has so much to offer to make the most out of your university life, such as, joining a club or society. As the Vice President of Food Science Association (FSA), I have developed excellent leadership and organisational skills through organising events for my fellow Food Science students. It is a very rewarding experience to create activities for our members to socialise and enjoy their time studying Food Science. Studying the Food Science and Technology degree at UNSW has definitely opened up some excellent opportunities and has equipped me for my future career.