Launch your engineering career with an undergraduate degree from the UNSW School of Chemical Engineering. One of the top schools for chemical engineers in Australia, we’re globally competitive and home to some of the world’s leading professors and researchers. 

Our honours undergraduate degree programs are designed to be research-intensive with strong links to industry. These degrees can be paired with another discipline such as Arts, Business, Science or Law to complete a dual degree. 

We offer core programs in Chemical Engineering, Chemical Product Engineering, and Food Science (with the option to specialise in Food Technology or Nutrition). Our Chemical Engineering degree is industry accredited by IChemE (the Institution of Chemical Engineers) and together with the Chemical Product Engineering degree is accredited by Engineers Australia. While our Food Science and Technology/Nutrition degrees are approved by the IFT (Institute of Food Technologists)

As a graduate of Chemical Engineering, you will be prepared to design and manage safe, sustainable equipment and process plants. In this degree you will learn how to convert raw materials into useful and marketable products like foods, beverages and drinking water, batteries and low-emission fuels, polymers and pharmaceuticals. 

With the UNSW Bachelor of Food Science (Honours), you’ll employ biological and physical sciences to study the properties of food and ingredients. The nutrition specialisation focuses on the composition of foods and the effect on health and disease. The technology specialisation delves into biochemistry and microbiology to look at the technological aspects of food processing.

We proudly offer a variety of scholarships to assist with the financial side of studying at university. Browse through our range of options to see which ones apply to your situation.

If you’re considering a career in Management or Consulting or just enjoy learning a language or playing music, broaden your career prospects by taking on a second degree while you study Engineering. Choose a double degree in fields of Arts, Science, Commerce or Law. 

Already know you want to be an engineer but not sure which direction to take? Our Flexible First Year program lets you explore several areas before deciding on your final specialisation. 

Undergraduate Profiles

Meet some of our current Chemical Engineering undergraduate students and see what they’re up to today. Be inspired by their journey and achievements and discover how you can make the most of your time with us.

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Our internationally acclaimed research centres and partnerships with over 100 industry and government organisations have taken our research to the forefront of fundamental and applied research. Learn about how our research in areas of energy, environmental engineering, health and medical science continue to make an impact in the real world.

We offer a multitude of opportunities to excel in engineering disciplines and connect with dedicated, like-minded individuals. Our student community will inspire you to extend your university experiences whilst doing your best work as you pursue your path towards a career in Chemical Engineering or Food Science.