At UNSW School of Computer Science and Engineering we offer undergraduate degrees in the areas of bioinformatics, computer engineering, software engineering, and computer science. Each have a common core of computing and mathematics to provide the fundamentals in good design and techniques essential for a deep understanding of the field. All undergraduates can also complete a research thesis as part of their Bachelor of Engineering degree.

From exploring computer architecture to computer systems and networks, you’ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge for a successful career. You’ll also test, learn and experiment throughout your research to make new discoveries in the field.


Our Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Bioinformatics) degree can help explore a range of careers from cancer research to hardware architecture. This interdisciplinary area of study draws on both computing and the life sciences, by teaching you the fundamentals of biology, computing, mathematics and statistics.

The Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Software) goes beyond computer science and coding, with students learning engineering principles and programming languages. Over four years you’ll develop strong design techniques and project management skills to solve real-world problems and build reliable, efficient software systems, as well as join internationally renowned student-led projects and societies.

The Bachelor of Computer Science is a flexible degree, accredited by the Australian Computer Society. Over three years you’ll explore the fundamentals of computing tools with a focus on data science, artificial intelligence and the design of algorithms for programming languages.

Develop a broad and cross-disciplinary education by taking on a second degree while you study. You can combine your degree with another field of engineering or explore an arts, commerce, science or law degree.

To help you grow into your career, our flexible first year program allows you to tailor your degree to your interests. You’ll study a number of areas that appeal to you without committing to a specific engineering degree.


Explore our acclaimed research programs and tackle real-world problems, inspire innovation and challenge yourself. We partner with passionate research students and staff from around the globe on a variety of research programs, from cybersecurity to networks & software engineering.

Indulge your thirst for knowledge and new experiences by joining our community of clubs, societies, and collectives. Whether you’re on-campus or online, you’ll have access to exciting opportunities, ideas and events. You'll develop the expert skills you’ll need to thrive in your future career.

Studying at UNSW School of Computer Science and Engineering is a rewarding experience in more ways than one. See your efforts recognised and celebrated through a range of scholarships, prizes, renegotiation, and the Dean's Awards. We also offer over $3 million worth of engineering scholarships in recognition of academic achievement.