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CASLEO is a multidisciplinary centre. The current research foci are listed below. However, the centre is always enthusiastic to become engaged in other research areas.

Liquid metals

Liquid metals are near room temperature melting point elements or mixtures that provide the possibility of access to electronic liquids. They follow fluid dynamics and are electrically and thermally highly conductive. As solvents, liquid metals offer chemistry and reaction media that have been rarely investigated.

Functional materials

The worlds of electronics, optics and catalysts are in continuous quests for finding low energy alternatives to current systems. It is expected that low-dimensional materials, such as quantum dots and atomically thin (two dimensional – 2D) structures, offer the sought-after alternatives, paving the way for future low energy units.

Microfluidics (bio), drug delivery, and point-of-care

Microfluidics and small point-of-care systems are set to revolutionise the future of health. They appear in prevention, diagnostics and monitoring processes. Additionally, these systems can provide benefit to drug delivery processes.

Medical Devices and Ingestible Sensors

CASLEO is also focused on the development of novel medical devices that can be used as biosensors and artificial organs.

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